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 OEM - Make to order สั่งทำเกม รับผลิตเกม  

 20 sets per type as Minimum order.   Pay 50% advance and 50% after delivery.


Sign the buyer contract as the game has the patent and/or the copyright.


Expenses เกมกระดาน สำหรับฝึกสมอง

3000 baht/ set      Within Thailand Free delivery cost.  

Out of Thailand , the delivery cost will charged as actual.

Period of make to order

2 weeks for 20 sets of order  3 weeks for 50 sets of order


1 Month for 100 sets of order  the period is from advance payment already.

more information ต้องการข้อมูลเพิ่มเติม

Please contact to :   Tel. 081 7321 572 :